Will Clubhouse Replace LinkedIn?


Our founder was invited to join the new social media networking app, Clubhouse. She shares her thoughts on the platform below:

I’ve never been one to have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but the new social app Clubhouse had me on the cusp.

I’d heard about it on almost every other social platform I’m on.

If you haven’t heard, Clubhouse is a new social networking app that harnesses the power of voice.

It was first introduced to me in an online masterclass as a platform that is great for networking but, there was a caveat.

You have to be invited to join.

An exclusive opportunity to network with people around the world?

Sign me up!

I’ve flexed my virtual networking muscle a great deal this year. Why stop now?

When I received an invite, I was ready!

”Let’s do this, ” I thought.

But after entering the virtual doors at Clubhouse, I discovered all these different rooms with interesting people having interesting conversations.

I love it here!

The introvert in me can’t believe it.

But it’s true.

As I continued my Sunday scroll, I left the Clubhouse and arrived at LinkedIn.

My first thought was I should share my Clubhouse profile on LinkedIn and I went into create mode.

Then I stopped and decided to continue scrolling.

And bam!

I arrived at an update where someone shared their Clubhouse profile with the caption, “I’m not leaving LinkedIn.”

It validated my hesitation.

For the record, I don’t think Clubhouse will replace LinkedIn.

There are multiple ways to network and they all start with YOU!

But, if you’re suffering from FOMO over Clubhouse, don’t fret! The first step is finding someone to invite you.

If you’ve joined Clubhouse and would like to connect, you can find me @createwithgpd.

Happy Networking!


December 27, 2020



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